Saturday, January 4, 2020

Robert Bolt s A Man For All Seasons - 2006 Words

Etti A Man for All Seasons was a play written by Robert Bolt in 1960. The play showcased the controversy and corruption in sixteenth century politics in England. It demonstrated how treachery can easily befall anyone at any time as long as people have the determination and the correct position of power to bring them down. It displays how corrupt the time period was and how people were willing to turn on others for their own selfish reason. In Robert Bolt?s A Man for All Seasons, political corruption is shown through the destruction of Sir Thomas More. Relationships in the play take on a significant role; they influence how vulnerable a person would be to corruption. Trust and loyalty are dependent on relationships, the more trust a†¦show more content†¦The relationship between The Church and King Henry was very important because the dispute is what led to the downfall of More. It gave Cromwell the opening he needed to take him down, and he took it. More was very resistant to the premise of corruption. He can be labeled as one of the only people in the play who didn?t give in to it. More was unwavering in his fight against corruption, nothing could shake him. He was the moral compass of the story the only one who seemed to be following his conscience. His martyrdom and refraining from corruption separated him from others in the story. This also separated him from the common man, the people that Bolt was trying to connect with.3 The main reason for More?s resistance was his religious beliefs. More truly believed he was a man of God, and he was willing to die for his beliefs. ?And when we stand before God, and you are sent to paradise for doing according to your conscience, and I am damned for not doing according to mine, will you come with me, for fellowship4 More is a strong believer that he needs to follow his conscience, his reasoning for denying corruption is not exactly all religion based. He himself believes that he needs t o do what is right and listen to his own conscience and morality not exactly God. He is a firm believer in natural law. Not on paper, but in your heart. Without natural law, there is no protection in

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